TPD Compliance

At Puff Bars UK, we're more than just a vaping brand; we're a commitment to quality and safety. Dive into our comprehensive approach to TPD compliance and discover how we prioritize the well-being of our customers. Discover how Puff Bars UK ensures TPD compliance with regular product reviews, child-safe packaging, transparent labeling, MHRA approvals, and customer education.

What Puff Bars Are Doing To Be Compliant with TPD Regulations

At Puff Bars UK, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers. To ensure we are fully compliant with TPD Regulations, we have taken several proactive measures:

  1. Regular Product Review: We consistently review our product range to ensure all items meet the stipulated e-liquid and nicotine limits.
  2. Child-Resistant Packaging: All our e-liquids are securely packaged in child-resistant bottles to ensure the safety of our younger population.
  3. Transparent Labeling: We provide clear labeling on our products, highlighting the nicotine content and the associated addictive nature of nicotine.
  4. MHRA Approval: Before introducing any new e-cigarette or e-liquid to our range, we ensure it has received the necessary approvals from the MHRA.
  5. Educating Our Customers: We believe in informed choices. Hence, we provide all necessary information about TPD Regulations and how they affect vaping, ensuring our customers are always in the know.

All products on Puff Bars UK's website adhere strictly to TPD Regulations. But what exactly is TPD?

Understanding TPD Regulations and Their Impact on Vaping:

  1. E-liquid Capacity Restrictions: E-cigarette tanks encompass pod systems, and disposable vapes are now limited to holding no more than 2ml of e-liquid.
  2. Nicotine E-liquid Bottle Size Limit: E-liquids that contain nicotine are restricted to a bottle size of 10ml.
  3. Nicotine Strength Limit: The maximum nicotine strength available in e-liquids is 20mg per milliliter. This starkly contrasts countries like the USA, where strengths can reach up to 50mg.
  4. Child-Resistant Packaging: All e-liquids containing nicotine must be securely packaged in child-resistant bottles.
  5. Prohibited Ingredients: E-liquids cannot contain substances like caffeine or taurine.
  6. Nicotine Warning: Product packaging must clearly state the presence of nicotine and highlight that nicotine is a substance known to be addictive.
  7. MHRA Approval: Before being sold, all e-cigarettes and e-liquids must undergo approval by the MHRA.

Consumers must be aware of these regulations to ensure they purchase compliant and safe products. Find out more here.